Safe Hands Plans & NFFD v Golden Charter

On the third day of a trial in the Mercantile Court in Leeds, the Claimants discontinued their claim alleging inducement to breach contract against Golden Charter (the UK’s largest funeral plan supplier).


The claim had initially sought damages of close to £1m but by trial had been reduced to just under £300k this being said to have been the loss of profit due to the Defendant having caused a third party to breach a contract to sell the Claimants’ funeral plans. In cross-examination, the evidence of NFFD’s Managing Director, and fundamental aspects of the Claimants’ case were exposed as inaccurate; following the conclusion of his evidence the Claimants agreed to discontinue without calling the remainder of their witnesses or cross-examining the Defendant’s witnesses. The following day the NFFD announced that their Managing Director had resigned, although he would remain with the company in a reduced role.


William McCormick QC, instructed by Ed Yell of Maclay Murray Spens LLP represented the Defendant, Golden Charter Limited.